Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The World's Tallest Snowman

My daddy, cousin David and cousin Brian all built the most incredible snowman for me and my cuz Makenna. He was about 8 feet tall, that's even taller than my Grandpa "D". Everyone loved it so much that we all decided to take family photos with the huge snowman. We are all so funny!

My first Snowy Mammoth

As you all probably remember I absolutely love Mammoth, so I couldn't wait to see it in the snow. So fortunately for me, my whole family packed up...both sets of grandparents included, my cousin Makenna + parents, and lots of second cousins, great aunt and uncle Mark, all headed up to the mountain the day after Christmas. Getting to play in the snow was so much fun, especially with my cuz Makenna because we had matching outfits CUTE, according to my mommy. My favorite part of being in the snow was getting to ride on mommys lap in a sled down a slope my cousins out here I come!

Baby's 1st CHRISTMAS is HERE!

After Grammie and Grand-dude's mommy, daddy and me all stayed in our Christmas PJ's and zoomed to my Grandma and Grandpa Chase's house where my aunt Kari, uncle Jamie, cuz Makenna, and grandparents were anxiously waiting. And my oh my it was a sight when we got there, not only did Santa find me at my Grammies but he somehow knew I would be at Grandma Sandy's as well! Check out some of our fun goodies...I must admit I am pretty stoked on the rocking out everyone! After we opened the enormous pile of amazing gifts from Santa, the rest of the family came over and had Christmas dinner. My favorite part of the night was getting to spend time with my Great Granpa Buyer.

Christmas Morning at the Beach!

On Christmas Eve we stayed at My grammie and grand-dude's which meant that I got to spend my first Christmas morning there too! But don't worry, I know what you all are thinking...YES! Santa did find me there, and you should have see what he left me tons of fun toys and great clothes! I loved all my goodies, but I must admit I was definitely partial to the shiny wrapping paper and tissue. Although I did get a kick out of my new stuffed animals from the KATHY's, thanks ladies! OOOHHH! and I definitely don't want to forget my new climb and crawl gym, I can't wait for mommy and daddy to let me play with it, they said I have to wait until they put it together...shucks!

My 1st Xmas Eve

Not only was a super pumped up for my first Xmas Eve, but I was so excited to see my GAM (Great Aunt ME) again! For Xmas Eve this year my mommy, daddy and me went down to my Grammie and Grand-dude's and then we all went to my Great Grandma and Great Grand-dad's for dinner. Lot's of family members were there, including my uncle Marky and my cousin Austin.

I have to tell you...I LOVE XMAS so far!!! :-)

Santa's Coming to the Americana!

I had so much fun meeting Santa in MB that mommy decided to take me, my cuz Makenna and my friend Clarissa to go see him again at the Americana ( of course their mommies came too!) We got their early so mommy showed me the ginormous christmas tree and we all listened to a few carolers. When it was time to stand in line, I had such a good time talking to all the people around me and posing in my fun santa hat, because you know I am an ELF IN TRAINING...according to my onesie. I can't wait to try to see him on Christmas morning, I wonder what time he might show up...shh! don't tell daddy and mommy my plan!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eating Cereal, I'm a big kid now!

Ok Ok, so although I am shown here eating cereal, I have to tell the truth and let everyone know that I am not such a fan. My mommy and daddy are being really patient with me and just trying a little bit each night. It's really weird some nights I eat a lot and some nights I make the funniest faces and bunch my lips mommy and daddy say they are sure I will get the hang of it soon, in the meantime they like to see all the faces I make :-)

Meeting Santa in Manhattan Beach

Ever since my mommy was little her and my uncle Mark used to get super excited for the night when Santa would come down their street in his sleigh, so this year my mommy and daddy couldn't wait to share this tradition with me. They got me all dressed up, like a mini Santa, and took me to my Grammie and Grandpa Dudes house with my Grandma and Grandpa Chase in tow. We got their just in time to see Santa pull up to the house and take lots of fun photos...definitely so much fun, I can't wait for next year.

WTG's Annual Christmas Brunch

Every year my Wtg's host an amazing Christmas brunch with tons of great good, great friends and family, and the famous Christmas carolers. I was so lucky because Ihad all my grandparents with me, Grandma and Grandpa Chase, Grandma and Grandpa Mueller and my WT Grandparents. Of course this was my first time going, but I have to say this might be one of my favorite traditions so far. Especially since afterwards we got to stay and have some one on one time with my WTG's. The only thing that would have made this day more fun, would be if my cousin Makenna was there...hopefully next year!

I think my mom is obsessed with the LA KINGS!

So not only am I a Dodger and Laker fan, I have found that I am going to follow in my mommys footsteps and love the LA Kings also! My mommy has told me stories about going to the hockey games while she was pregnant and having so much fun, so I am thinking that I was almost destined to love them too! We went on Thursday night with my grandma and grandpa Chase, and while we were down there we got to see all the great Christmas decorations in downtown LA! Yeah!