Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Underwood Farms Pumpkin Patch

Today my mommy took me out to Moorpark to Underwood Farms. There they had a huge pumpkin patch, lots of livestock, big crops, fun games, and rides. We went with my friends Clarissa, Kaylee, their moms and my Gma Sandy. My favorite part of the day was getting to go on a tracktor pulled hayride, and solving the big corn maze! All the mommies decided that it was so much fun, that we are going to make an annual tradition of it. Next year I hope we can bring a wagon so maybe we can take one of the really really big pumpkins home with us (keep your fingers crossed) :-)

The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

It was time for my mommy & daddy's 2nd annual pumpkin carving contest and this year there were twice as many participants (because of all the babies). At last years party my mommy and daddy found out that they were pregnant with me, and announced it to their two friends Heather & Jason, and Rob & Katrina (Heather and Katrina were pregnant also). So it was really cool that this year me, Clarissa and Kaylee all got to be at the pumpkin carving party. Also this year my daddy let me invite 2 of my new friends and their parents, Charlie and Brooke. The winner of the contest was my daddy's friend Sananda, he had a really cool pumpkin that looked like it's guts were coming out...ewwwww!!!!!

Costume Party at Mommy & Me

This Tuesday was extra special, Mommy & I got to dress up for Halloween and go to a costume party and Mommy & Me. I went as a lil' dirt bike rider and mommy was a pumpkin. We met up with my friends Clarissa ( the ballerina), Kaylee ( a pumpkin) and Brooke ( a bumble bee). There were so many mommies and babies at class that we took a fun group photo.

Pix for WTG

My WT Grandpa and Grandma certainly spoil me to death and the goodies that I was lucky enough to get for Halloween are super cute. Check out just one of the Halloween outfits they gave me, as well as the super special bib that even says my NAME on it! Thanks Guys!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's the Pumpkin Races Man!!!

This afternoon my mommy and daddy took me to the Manhattan Beach 2nd annual pumpkin races. It's where people have a lot of fun decorating their pumpkins and then race them down the street towards the pier. It is so hysterical, because there are some pretty wild pumpkins. My daddy got so into it, that he can't wait for next year, he says that he already knows what he is going to do and that everyone better "watch out for team CHASE PUMPKIN TEAM"! I am even more excited to get to dress up next year and trick or treat throughout downtown MB, because there were some pretty cool costumes out there this year!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yummy Joselitos!

Tonight my mommy and daddy took me to one of their favorite restaurants Joselito's with my friend Brooke, her mommy and daddy and our other friends Shaun and Cheryl. It was so great getting to see everyone, and I had so much fun with my buddy Brookie! I also want to send a shoutout to my daddy's friend Shaun because he did such a good job helping me take a little siesta. Hopefully we will all get to hang out again soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

BBQ after the Baptism

After the ceremony this morning my Grandma Sandy and my Grandpa D hosted a super fun BBQ for everyone. Grandma Sandy made her famous Carne Asada tacos which Grandpa D fired up perfectly, and my Grandpa Dude made his famous salsa. Everyone was there and everyone had a great time...I have to admit I was definitely the star of the show. My mommy said that once again I wsa the perfect baby, and my daddy said that I couldn't stop smiling and giggling. The only sad part was the my aunt Ivy and uncle Chris had to leave the BBQ early to go home to Oregon :-(

My big Baptism Day!!!

Today was my Big Big Baptism day and everyone was there! I was baptized this morning at Faith Lutheran Church in Pasadena California at 10:30 am by Pastor Rieck, and my mommy and daddy said that I was the bestest baby in the whole entire world. They said that I was all smiles and didn't even make a peep when I was actually christened with water. I thnk that I was was just super excited to be with all my family and friends, not to mention the fact that I loved all the singing and stained glass.

Baptism Eve with my Godparents

On Friday night 3 of the coolest people in the world flew in to meet me for the first time, Trell, Ivy and Chris...and guess what my mommy told me that they were going to be my godparents. She said that all 3 of them have been such a major part of my life already that it was inevitable that they would want to be forever. And then the icing on the cake was that on Saturday night we all decided to go down to Gramps and Grammie's house because my uncle Mark had flown into town also. I am so excited that all these amazing people are here to help me celebrate my Christening on Sunday morning, I am definitely loved.