Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lakers WIN, Lakers Win!!!

YEAH BABY THE LAKERS WON LAST NIGHT AND I WAS THERE! Last night my Grandpa D, uncle Jim, mommy and daddy took me to the Lakers game against the Denver Nuggets. And boy those nuggets didn't stand a chance against my boys! I was having so much fun watching all the action that I stayed up way past my bedtime. I just loved watching the players run back and forth, and I didn't think I could love anything team as much as the dodgers...I guess I thought wrong, because now I am a Laker fan through and through! I spent so much energy trying to keep up with the game that by the very end I found my grandpa D to be the perfect spot to catch a few zzz's!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hanging with Friends in Glamis

In between our big offroad adventures I got to spend some time with my friends as well as meet new friends. We played fun games during the day, and had big camp fires at night. I was definitely worn out by all the fun from our big weekend though, so I found the best seat in the house for the ride daddy!

First for some of US!

My daddy, aunt, and grandpa D all have really cool sandrails that we took to the dunes and I was so excited to get to go in one for the first time. But it wasn't just my first time it was my Gramps' first time also. I think it is pretty neat that he and I got to share our first dune buggy ride on the same trip, don't you? On my first ride in the buggy we went to Boardmanville (a restaurant/ bar in the middle of nowhere) with all the babies, and there my mommy hung a dollar on the front door commemorating our big adventure :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first real Quad Ride with Daddy!

My daddy and I went for a super duper Quad ride around our camp. Check me out shredding it up! Afterwards I let my girlie friend Brooke try it with her daddy and my cuz Makenna give it a whirl with my uncle Jamie. Gear up everyone!

Quads and Rhinos OH MY!

The other babies and I had a lot of fun playing on the quads (with our mommy and daddy's help of course). And one night Makenna and I were super lucky to get to go for a ride in the Rhinos. Our mommies simply strapped us to their fronts and off we went. Both of us liked it so much we fell asleep on the way the the canal. SO FUNNY!!!

Glamis Dunes Day #1

This veterans day weekend my mommy and daddy took me to Glamis for the first time. My daddy and Grandpa D were so excited to share their offroad lifestyle with me and my cuz Makenna. Makenna came all the way from Las Vegas to join us with my aunt and uncle. My mommy told me that I could invite a friend of mine to Glamis and of course I chose Brooke. Brooke brought her mommy and daddy and her uncle Shawn and friend Jon. On the first day we decided to get unpacked and settled in...and guess what? My Gramps surprised us and came out to the dunes was his first time too!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A nice afternoon in Hermosa Beach

Since my mommy was staying at my grammie and gramps last week, she was able to get together with my friend Linnea and her mommy Ashley. We all went to lunch at the Hermosa Beach pier and met up with some old friends of my moms, but new friends to me, Erin and Heather. Heather was really funny ( she kept playing tricks with Linnea ) and Erin was having fun holding me.

It's a Highchair for me!

This weekend at my Grammie and Gramps house I got to use a big boy high chair for the first time. My mommy put a bunch of toys in front of me and strapped me in and I had a good old time! I really liked feeling like a big boy being able to sit all on my own with my grandparents and mommy. After dinner my grandparents had their friend Sue over and she and my grammie had a lot of fun entertaining me...I think my Grammie is super silly.