Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beach House Day 3

On Sunday we all woke up and my daddy made us a super scrumptious breakfast. Then my uncle Chris and daddy thought it would be fun to make me a huge sand castle that I could play with, so we set up camp on the beach and goofed around. My daddy dug a huge hole in front of the castle which he called the "royal pool" and when the tide cam up and filled the pool with water I got to stick my feet in it and play. I must be honest the water was a bit too cold for me...brrrrr..., but I did love playing in the waves when my mommy was holding me. I can't wait to go back to the beach when I am walking so that I can run in and out of the water all by myself (with my mommy and daddy watching of course :-0)

The Beach Day 2

On the second day Uncle Chris surprised us and was able to rent a car from up north and join us at the beach, so we decided to celebrate and go out to lunch at the pier. It was so beautiful out that we all sat outside and enjoyed the scenery. Later that night my daddy was able to come down to the beach and we all went out to dinner at Dave and Busters, and played lots of games. Wow, I thought that I liked to play with games and toys, but my daddy and uncle Chris might just like to goof around more than me!

January at the Beach...loving it!

This past weekend my aunt Ivy came all the way down from Oregon to spend time with me while my uncle Chris was at drill in Northern California. Luckily my mommy and daddy realized that it was perfect timing to go to the beach, and a double plus because the weather was so perfect ~ 75 degrees. On the first day it was just my mommy, aunt Ivy and me and we had a blast just goofing around the beach, watching the dolphins and watching the sunsets!

Friends from PHX

On January 12th my daddy's friend from college, Hali, came out to Santa Monica with 2 of her friends for her birthday, and of course she was so excited to meet me! (wink wink) So my mommy and daddy decided it would be fun and drive out to Santa Monica to have lunch with her and her friends at a place called the Omelette parlor. Obviously I wasn't there for the food, but I did really enjoy getting to try out my new place mats and I super loved playing with the Ivy that was growing on the walls. After breakfast Hali had to head back to Phoenix, but I told her not to worry because I was going to try to make it out to AZ very soon.

Post Baby Shower Photo Shoot Part II

Well Ryder, Makenna and Kaylee and I just couldn't let the grandma Sandy and WTG get away with the only costume changes of the night, so we all decided to put on our fun PJ's, that all have our names on the butt, and have our own photo shoot. I must admit that I had a blast during the photo shoot because all I did was roll over Makenna and swat at Kaylee...unfortunately they didn't think I was as funny as I did...maybe I will be nicer next time, at least my mommy tells me I have to be, but shhh!! I haven't decided yet....

post baby shower photo shoot

As everyone has probably figured out by now my WTG is super silly, and she proved that once again after the baby shower when she debuted ger White trash Gma of 7 tshirt. Well my mommy and auntie Kari thought that that would be a perfect opportunity for Gma Sandy to put on her tshirt and for me, cuz Makenna and baby Kaylee to pose with them!

Pink is Nice Especially Twice!!

On January 11th my mommy and auntie Kari threw a super fun shower for auntie Manders and the twins, and boy o boy was their a lot of pink. I had so much fun at the baby shower because I got to spend a lot of time with all my friends and I thought it was so funny to watch all the ladies play silly baby shower games. My favorite was when they had a relay race drinking from baby bottles...I think now everyone appreciates how talented we babies are.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mommy and Daddy's 1st night away

My grammie and grand-dude have been begging my parents to let me stay overnight with them, and so when they were invited to a wedding in Dana Point they took them up on their offer. I couldn't wait to go to my grammie's house and hang out with her and all her friends, and I am sure my mommy and daddy were excited for a mini-break. Here are some photos of them out on the town. My daddy said they had such a great time, but they definitely missed me. He said that he even caught my mommy waking to my normal sleeping schedule...she is so silly! My grammie said that I was so good, that she couldn't wait for me to stay over again :-)

Adios 2008 Hola 2009


I can't believe that 2008 is already over, but I have to admit I am super excited to see what this new year will bring. My mommy and daddy say it's a very important year for me because I will probably learn to walk and talk this that's pretty major! My mommy was a little sad though on New Years Day because she said that she couldn't believe that the year that I was born in was already over and that I was already 6 months old (on New Years Day)... :-( my daddy told her she was silly :-) I think she'll be ok. So far I really like 2009, especially because my cousin Makenna was still here and my grandma Sandy made me super cool 2009 pancakes! Hope everyone else had a great New Year too! Hope to see everyone soon XOXO