Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Wine Tasting!

After the kayaking field trip my GAM took mommy & daddy wine tasting at the local vineyards and I got to go too! I liked meeting all the new people, but my favorite part was sitting on the bar playing with all the gadgets. GAM, Mommy & daddy were having so much fun, and I was being so good that they were able to go to 3 wineries and bought all kinds of fun goodies. On the way home we even stopped to see some Moo cows and I enjoyed playing with my new Ranger Rick toy.

At the American River in Sacramento!

My GAM is really into kayaking and wanted to show my and my mommy & daddy some of her favorite spots on the river. We stopped at one class 2 rapids, because my daddy wants my GAM to take him kayaking next time we are in Sacramento, so that he could see what he would get to go down for his first time. Then she took us to a class 3 rapid called "Trouble Maker", it made a rumbling sound and I thought that it was pretty cool. Afterwards my daddy and GAM went to a store to look at some new kayaks and they thought it would be cute to see if I fit into any of the little kid boats...

My First Airplane Ride!

On February 6th at 8:40pm I got to take my first airplane ride. Mommy and daddy were taking me to see my Great Aunt MaryEllen (GAM) in Sacramento. They planned the later flight so that it would be around my bed time and hopefully I would sleep...boy were they right! My mommy fed me during take off so that my ears wouldn't clog, and then laid me in her lap where I slept through the whole flight including the landing. All the flight attendents were so impressed that they gave me my first wings and a first flight certificate.

The Twins have Arrived!

We have all been waiting anxiously for the arrival of the famous Cottter twins and on Tuesday Feb 3rd the girls were born! Sadie Jo and Shelby Elizabeth were born via c-section (just like me) after Sadie's water broke at ~ 2:50am on Tuesday. Both girlies are happy and healthy and I couldn't wait for my mommy and daddy to take me to see them in the hospital. Since they have been born we have been to visit twice and we have taken a lot of fun photos, but I keep asking mommy and daddy to take me to see them again...they said maybe next week YEAH!

My mommy is obsessed with photos!

This whole month my mommy has been a little bit obsessed with taking photos of me because she was trying to get the perfect shot to send into a contest. I simply had a lot of fun with mommy because of all the silly things she would do to make me laugh!

My First Bounce House

On Super bowl Sunday mommy and daddy took me to Brookie's house to watch the game. Of course us babies weren't there to watch the game, so Brooke's mom Susie set up a baby bounce house for us to play in. I was a little timid at first, but when Brooke started to jump a little bit I thought it was super funny! Mabye when I am a little bit bigger I will get to go into the bounce house again :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

THe Farmers Market with Linnea

On Tuesday my mommy took me down to Manhattan Beach where we met up with her friends Ashley and Makenna and my buddy Linnea at the Farmer's market. I liked looking at all the fun fruits and vegetables and Linnea liked eating all the strawberries. Afterward we sat down in the courtyard and played around. I can't wait to go back next time, maybe mommy will let me taste a few things.

Mommy & Me Movie

On Monday's my mommy likes to take me to the Americana for the mommy and me movie, with our friends Katrina and Clarissa. This week grandma Sandy came, and helped mommy play with me, she had so much fun that she wants to go every week...YEAH! My mommy laughed a lot at the movie and me, because whenever I tried to watch the movie, Clarissa would just keep talking to me and trying to get my attention. Mommy said that it's a typical guy girl thing, whatever that means.

Hanging out waiting for Daddy

Before the race and after the race, mommy and me had a lot of down time so we played a lot of games and even went shopping with Grandma Sandy. We even found the coolest toy while at the outlets, a Quad riding machine...I had so much fun on it, even-though my mommy had to hold me most of the time. We also hung out at the hotel, where mommy brought me all kinds of toys from home so that I wouldn't get bored...she sure does think of everything.

Daddys Race in Barstow 1600

Last weekend my daddy was in an offroad race in Barstow and he did so GOOD! He raced the 1600 car and eventhough the car had a few problems, he never gave up and ended up getting 4th place! WOW he is so fast! He had to do about 6 laps to finish so in between seeing him I got to hang out with my Uncle Trell, my grammie, and grandma Sandy, my aunt Kari and of course my cuz Makenna....and you know what that means, duh duh da da....PHOTO SHOOT! At the last race my uncle Jamie bought me and Makenna matching onesies, so our mommies dressed us in them this time and caught a few photos of us, especially of me trying to steal Makennas pacifier!