Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Horsing Around with the lil man!

A new YUMMY food!

This weekend at daddy's big race in Barstow, it was a little to windy for me to hang out with everyone outside, so Grandma Sandy and Grammie let me stay with them in the coach. While we were playing both Grandma's got hungry and decided to share a pickle, well of course I got courious and a little jealous of their snack, so they gave me a little taste. Well from there on you couldn't peel that pickle out of my hand.....yummy yummy! Thanks Grandmas!

Meeting Sara and Jessica

Last Friday at Grammies house one of my Grammie's friends, Sara, from when she was a little girl came to town with her daughter Jessica. Immediately I could tell that Jessica and I were going to be quick friends, because she would pick up all the fun toys that I like to throw on the ground (hee hee). I hope to see them again soon because I had so much fun playing with Jessica, maybe we can mee them up in Washington sometime?

A Day at the park with Grammie

While mommy and me were staying at Grammie's house last week we got to go to the park. Mommy and Grammie loaded up me and all my goodies in the jogger and walked down to Pollywog park where they have a new play gym. Not only was I excited to be spending outdoor time with both Grammie and mommy, but I love love loved the swings and slides at the park. Now my mommy says she has to find more fun parks by our house in La Crescenta, because she loved hearing me laugh away on the swingset. After the park I got to see my new friend Lara again. Thanks for helping mommy with my dinner, see you again soon.

A St Patty's Day Feast

While mommy was getting all my new finger foods ready for lunch, she of course saw a perfect photo opportunity. Then she got so excited that she just kept giving me fun things to play with while I was waiting patiently in my highchair (yeah right :-D )

My 1st St. Patrick's Day

For my 1st St Patrick's Day, since Daddy wasn't going to be able to have dinner with mommy and me, Daddy came home for lunch to hang with mommy and me. Our first agenda was to take an amazing 1st St Patty's day photo, which mommy said Daddy and I were the best posers. Then daddy took me to the back yard and I got to go in my new favorite toy...my outdoor swing, and then mommy and daddy let me play in the grass :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

My new Swing

At one of mommy's baby showers my great aunt Lauren and cuz Axton gave me an outdoor swing. Well I was too young to play in it last summer, and then it was too cold to go outside, but lately the weather has been really nice so my mommy decided to set it up in our backyard and today I got to try it out. I laughed and laughed and laughed, I had so much fun. My mom was so impressed by how much I enjoyed the swing that now she can't wait to take me to the park. She says that she thinks we might have time to go later this week..YEAH!

Buca Di Beppo

On Sunday my godfather Jeff and girlie friend Michelle were in town so daddy, mommy and I joined them and my uncle jeff & aunt Mindy at Buca di Beppo. It was my first time eating here, so I was really excited when I found out that they let you tour the restaurant kitchen. Although, mommy brought me my own dinner I got to taste a piece of pizza crust and I liked it. Wow, I have been such a big boy getting to try so many new food lately, I can't wait to taste whats next.

An Early Patty's Day

Since daddy will be working in the garage all this week mommy decided to celebrate my 1st St. Patrick's Day 2 days early on Sunday. To celebrate she made green waffles and even let me have my very own. I have to admit I definitely like to play with my food, but when I was done I found the waffle to be scrum diddly umptious! I can't wait to see what I get to try on Tuesday...hmmmm....

Garaging it with Daddy!

This weekend coming up Daddy and Grandpa D have a big race in Barstow so they have been spending a lot of time down at the race garage. Well, I was starting to really miss my daddy so I begged mommy to take me down to the shop to see him. And while we were there I decided to get behind the wheel of the buckshot, you know just to make sure that everything was working properly. Who knew I would be such a cute driver (or so daddy says anyway!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Grandad & Great Grandbe

The other night we went down to my Grammie and Grand-dudes house to celebrate my daddy's birthday and my Great Grandad's birthday. I spent most of the night horsing around with everyone especially Great Grandad and Grandbe that I slept the whole way home.

Twice the Fun with the Twinsies!

Yesterday Mommy took me down to Auntie Manders house to go see the twins and to help feed them. I have to admit that I kept trying to play with everyone during their feedings and got a little bummed when I found out that it was the right time. But mommy rewarded me afterward and let me play with their hair and touch their hands. I definitely had a good time, and hope to go back soon :-)

Me & My Buddy Lilly

Lately I am super fascinated by my puppy Lilly. I am constantly looking for her when she leaves the room, and I can't help but smile when I see her. Mommy thinks that she likes me just as much because ever since I was born she has been trying to play with me. Some of my new favorite things to do with her are, I like to sneak her some of my food when mommy isn't looking, and I like to steal her toys from her when she's not looking. Oh the trouble we are going to get into..(psst. don't tell mommy)