Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flagstaff Bound!

With daddy finally with us in AZ, tia JoJo, mommy, daddy & me all packed up our goodies and headed up North to Flagstaff where mommy & daddy went to college! Not to mention I was so excited to meet my new lil buddy Auburn Kelm. She is already 5 months old, and I had heard that she likes to play outdoors just like me! When we go to Flagstaff, daddy said that our first stop had to be Flag Brew, so we met up with all our buddies and had a fun lunch. Then we all decided to spend a nice afternoon at the park, so that Auburn and I could play!

It's Grilling Time!

By the time daddy's plane landed, Claire's daddy KC had the grill going and a bunch of mommy and daddy's friends from college started to arrive. It was nice to be able to hang with the guys for a little bit especially around the BBQ because I really like the smell. And thankfully daddy arrived just in time to feed me my night night bottle and put me to bed :-)

Palling around the Patio!

After the museum we grab groceries for our bbq that night and then we had a chance to enjoy Claire's new patio and to show tia JoJo what AZ is all about...the cactus! I wish my daddy could have been there, but I definitely loved the warm weather and playing in Claire's exersaucer, I hope that mommy and daddy take me back soon.

Did you say ART???

I was so lucky that on Friday my auntie Ash took the day off from work so that she and Claire could show us around Mesa AZ, not to mention there new humongous house! The mommies let Claire and I decide on what we wanted to do, so of course when Claire suggested the kids art museum I was gun ho! (wink wink). I had fun playing in the toddler corral and Claire had a blast running around the jungle gym.

Phoenix Here We Come

Two weekends ago my mommy and tia JoJo took me to Phoenix, AZ to visit one of my bestest friends Claire Bear and her family. We drove out on a Thursday and even though we had such a long long drive I still had enough energy to play with Claire and all her fun toys when we got to Phoenix! Mommy said that I was such a good lil traveler that she just had to stop at the outlets in Palm Springs and buy me a treat! Yeah!!! PS> thanks JoJo for keeping me company in the car!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Eggstravaganza Hunt!

I don't know how the Easter Bunny does it!!! After mommy & daddy took me over to Grandma's motorhome to find our Easter baskets, we went outside to see if the Easter Bunny hid any eggs, and boy DID HE!!! I think we counted around 150 eggs, and I found a lot of them ( of course with the help of mommy & daddy) My buddy Balin found the most eggs, and even got a prize from Grandma Sandy for being the winner! I can't wait for next year when I can run around looking for eggs just like Balin and Fallon!

The Easter Baskets!

I had told mommy and daddy that I was worried the Easter Bunny would have a hard time finding me all the way out in Dove Springs, so mommy said that we should she would tell him and that we should also bring some carrots just in case he gets hungry (even if they are baby food carrots ). Boy was she right, because we I woke up Easter morning there were so many goodies I didn't know where to start. Plus my cuz Makenna had made me an Easter basket too!

Dove Springs Day One

On the first day in Dove Springs everyone geared up for an offroad adventure to the local brewery. Mommy & Daddy decided to take the baja and I got to ride in mommy's lap (in the baby bjorn of course). I stayed awake the entire drive because I couldn't get enough of looking out the window, trying to pull the e-brake and playing with daddy's jacket. I love love love to offroad!!!

Ryder Getting Comfy!

For Easter weekend mommy and daddy took me camping in dove springs with Grandma Sandy, Grandpa D, aunt Kari, Uncle Jamie, cuz Makenna, the Leviense Family and Friends. Because I am so much more on the move now mommy set the trailer up with a play area, sleeping area and changing table for me. Here are a few shot of me enjoying my personal space :-)

Ryder & Makenna Together Again!

I have been kinda bummed out lately because my cuz Makenna has been so sick and I haven't been able to play with her, but last Wenesday my auntie Kari brought her down to see us since she has been feeling better and Easter is around the corner. On Thursday we got to go out to lunch with Great Grandma Buyer and Grandma Sandy, both of us had so much fun playing with Great Grandma Buyer's glasses :-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Easter Bunny!

While shopping with Grammie and Mommy in Manhattan Beach the other day, we came across the Easter Bunny. Well, as soon as I saw this giant bunny I had to go meet him, so mommy gave in and let me take a fun photo! I liked him so much that mommy couldn't help but laugh and laugh at how I kept playing with the Easter Bunny's face and ears. Hopefully I get to see him again soon.

Disney on Ice!

All I can say is " WOW" am I a huge fan of Disney on Ice! Throughout the entire show I couldn't take my eyes of the ice! At one point I even got a little fussy at my cousin Brian because he a was in my view of the Zamboni. My favorite part of the show was when the Incredibles all tried on their new super hero outfits. I hope that mommy, daddy & grandma Sandy take me to another Disney on Ice, I really want to see the Finding Nemo version :-)