Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Hi Everybody"

Check me out and one of my favorite words, that is along with "Quad, Car, Up, Out, Go & Daddy" but "hi" is certainly in the top!

Sand Sports Super Show 2009

Last Sunday Mommy and Daddy took me down to Orange County to the Sand Sports Super Show! We all know that daddy & I are totallly into offroading, so this was like putting us in a candy store! My favorite part of the day was getting to ride in the semi truck with daddy, and of course getting all the free stickers from the vendors. I can't wait to go back again next year because mommy says next year I can buy an offroad sit for kiddos :-) I also want to say thank you to Skip for helping me during my temper tantrum (you were so funny)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disneyland with Daddy!

I think everyone knows at this point how much I love Disneyland, so I bet you could guess how much I have wanted to share my excitement with daddy! And I finally got that chance last week, when daddy had an opportunity to meet up with mommy and me at Disneyland. We all got there around the same time in the afternoon and decided to do as many rides as we could and enjoy a fun disneyland dinner. I really really really liked going to Disneyland with daddy because we got to tryout a couple of rides that I had never been on before like autopia, dumbo and the submarine. And I officially have a new favorite....DUMBO! I loved Dumbo so much because I was able to control when we flew up or we flew down, and i couldn't get enough! I wish daddy could go to Disneyland with me everytime!

Chili Cookoff 2009, Race Day!

Finally it was race day, and because daddy says that mommy & I are his lucky charm, I wore my special shirt and so did mommy! I loved watching my daddy go super duper fast....vroom vroom vroom! And daddy said that because I cheered so loud, and stayed awake for his whole race, he was able to win first place! Can you believe it? He even said that not only did they win first place but they too the overall! I really truly can't wait for the next race, I love watching daddy offroad, maybe next time he will let me go with him...

Tech & Contingency

After my nap daddy told me that he and I were headed down to something called Tech & Contingency, he said that it was where race officials made sure that our car, for Chase Motorsports, was race legal. All I knew was that it was where I got to wear my Chase Motorsports tshirt, ride in the race car with daddy, and hang out with the team! I definitely can't wait for the next tech and contingency, especially if mommy lets me chicken fight with my new buddy again!

Pre Race Day!

On the weekend of Sept 12th daddy and papa "D" had a race in Lucerne valley and I got to go! This time mommy and I went early with daddy and I love love loved it! I loved playing in the dirt, riding my quad, helping daddy work on the race car, hanging out with Makenna, and meeting new friends. Wow was I busy, mommy said that I was so busy that she couldn't ever get me inside, despite the heat, and then all of a sudden I just passed out! That is until daddy needed me again to help out at tech and contingency!

Little Gym & ME!

So ok ok I have to share with all of you one of my many new obsessions....du da da du, the LITTLE GYM. I love going to my new gymnastics classes especially because some of the times I get to go with both mommy and Oma. On the first day of class I learned how to somersault and practice on the balance beam, I loved somersaults so much that I kept practicing on my own all day after class! I also really liked getting to play with so many other kids my same age! I am so excited that I get to go back every week, thanks OMA!

Daddy's New Bike!

So lately daddy has been super duper jealous of how much offroading I have been doing...just kidding, but he has really been noticing how much I enjoy offroading like him, so mommy surprised him with a brand new dirt bike. Mommy knew how much daddy wanted to get back into dirt bike riding, so that when I got big enough he and I could go together! I CAN'T WAIT! I hope that will be soon.

Uncle Mark & Technology

Right before we headed out of town to get home, we stopped by Uncle Mark's house so that I could see him again and so that mommy and daddy could get some awesome new music from him. While Uncle Mark was on the computer getting music for mommy and daddy, I was bugging Uncle Mark to let me try using the computer too! And voila! Uncle Mark's friend Blake came out of the room with my very own keyboard! Mommy said it was so cute how excited I got, and that she was bummed she hadn't thought of something similar at home, whatever that means! Anyways, I had such a good time playing on the computer with Uncle Mark...thx buddy!

Breakfast with Auburn!

On Monday morning before we were getting ready to leave mommy and auburn's mommy, abby, though it would be a good idea to get us babes together for a labor day breakfast. Not only was it so fun to see Ian, Pete, Auburn, Abby & Chris, but I really really really liked the restaurant that Pete picked. Guess what? IT HAD TRAIN TRACKS all around the ceiling and trains running non-stop. I couldn't help but watch the train instead of eat my breakfast like a big boy, but mommy didn't seem to mind since I was being well behaved and quiet...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mullis Ranch Here I come!

All I can say is that everyone knows that I am obsessed with anything offroad, but now everyone must know that I am also addicted to Mullis Ranch. Thank you so much to John and Lynette for letting me not only explore everything that the ranch had to offer, but also for letting me play play play with the horsies. Mommy said that I was so in love with the horsies and quads that all I did every morning was wake up and say "horsie, quad, out, go" funny! I even had the best time ever with John & Lynette let mommy and daddy invite over my uncle Mark, and our buddies Pete and Ian for a bbq. It was so yummy, I only wish I had stayed up long enough to hang out by the bonfire with all the adults too...maybe next time I can , and maybe next time auntie Ivy can too!