Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Me & Gramps!

Last week I got to go with mommy to visit Grammie and Gramps, and as you can tell we had so much fun rough housing. I thought it was so mega funny when I would run up to Gramps, aka Grand~dude, and he would show me how funny my tootsie rolls could be. Just check out that super duper smile on my face! I hope I get to go back to their house soon, pretty please mommy?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fair Videos

Auntie Kari had Oma and I on a mission to find her the fold down rollable box for her class room, and of course WE FOUND IT! The only problem was I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be ready to give it!

Whoop Whoop La County Fair YEE HAWWW!!!

Last week Oma and mommy took me to the LA County Fair for the day, I had so much fun getting to look at all the new exhibits this year, like the dinosaur hall, and the 3D aquarium movie. But truth be told my 4 favorite parts of the day were....THE PETTING ZOOS, the corn on the cob (yummy yum yum), my new monkey, and DADDY showing up with Papa D at night! I loved the petting zoo so much during the day with mommy and Oma, that daddy took me to another one inside the fair, and then we got to watch baby pigs race. It was such a cool day, I just hope I get to go again next year!

So Fresh and so clean clean!

Of course mommy and auntie Kari couldn't end the Vegas weekend without a cute bathtime photo shoot.....enough said...enjoy!

Vegas Baby

Last month was auntie Kari's birthday, so when cuz Makenna invited me up to Vegas to celebrate I was all over it. One of the very special things that Makenna and I thought would be fun to do with our mommies and Oma, was to go to SHARK REEFF....ooooh ahhhhh! Makenna and I both love fishies and aquariums, so we just knew our mommies would love it too, and boy o boy did they! My mommy loved how much fun I was having pointing to all the fishies fishies and auntie Kari loved how much Makenna loved walking over the water on the see thru glass. And of course OMA loved everything we did, she is so great! I have to say that my favorite part was when mommy let me put my hand in the water and try to touch a sting ray, maybe next year my arms will be long enough to actually reach in...