Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Santa is coming to Manhattan Beach that is...every year since my mommy and uncle Mark were little kids like me, Santa would take time out of his busy schedule to visit all the kids of Manhattan Beach to find out what they want for Christmas. This year was no exception, and I don't know who gets more excited for it me, mommy or Grammie? Just like last year Grammie and Gramps had everyone over to wait for Santa, we ate chili, had yummy appetizers and visited with family and friends. Last year I dressed up like mini Santa and he absolutely loved it, and this year Oma got me super cute christmas pajamas to wear so that I would stay snuggie warm when taking pix with the big guy in a red suit! Thank you Santa for being so nice to safely on Christmas night and I can't wait to see you next year! I love you!

Ho Ho Ho Northwoods Inn!

Earlier this week mommy, daddy, Oma and Papa D had to head out to West Covina for a meeting, and when we were heading out of the meeting Oma announced that she knew of a special place near by that we should all go. The whole way there I kept wondering what it could be, but all my guesses were wrong, when suddenly we pulled up to a restaurant that had snow all over it and I Knew right away....NORTHWOODS INN! I love love love the Northwoods Inn, because not only do they have yummy food, but they always have the coolest things inside. That night was even more special because when we walked in, everything was decorated for the holidays! Oma and mommy said that I couldn't be torn away from the front room, where they had assembled a whole snow village (how cool is that). But they thought it was even more funny that when they did peel me away all I wanted to do was throw peanuts on the floor! So funny!

Annual Xmas Brunch with The WTG's

Every year The WTG's host an annual Chritmas brunch! Last year was my first time getting to go and I had so much fun running around their property and going on chicken hunts (well mommy carried me of course), but this year I could explore on my own! I was so excited when we got to WTG's because my friends Clarissa and the twinsies were there, not to mention Grammie, Gramps, Oma, Papa "d" and all my other fave family members! I even got to meet new friends and we all went on a chicken hunt together, unfortunately we didn't find any, hmmm...I wonder if they were hiding from us (wink wink). I had so much fun with everyone, and I want to say thank you to Aunt Nancy for playing chase with me and her coat....that was super duper funny!

Oh Christmas Tree!

We are now officially in full blown Chritmas season, and I couldn't be happier! A couple of weeks ago mommy and daddy went and bought our christmas tree, this is the first year that we didn't get a real tree, but mommy said once we have a bigger house, we will be back to the real thing! Until then, I definitely think that this tree will do! I love it! I can't get enough of how pretty it is, in fact mommy says most of the time I like to lay and look and it and exclaim "Oh WoW"! But she also said that I was a super duper helper, because I helped build it, bring mommy ornaments and I actually put some on all by myself. Hooray for me!

1st day of day care!

So yes I have been the luckiest little boy for the last year and half in the fact that mommy was able to stay home full time with me. Well with the new business starting Dec 1st, that meant that I was starting day care Dec 1st too! I will be going to day care at the Center For Children 2 days a week and I will also be with Oma 2 days a week. My first day went really really well! I played well with the other kids, ate all my breakfast and lunch, napped when everyone else napped and wasn't ready to go home when daddy came to pick me up. I think its nice to get to meet new people and to get to play with new toys! Thanks mommy and daddy!

Chase The Sun!

Probably one of the biggest things that have happened this month is that mommy and daddy bought a tanning salon, and gutted, renovated and updated the equipment this month. Their opening day will be Dec 1st and mommy and daddy are very very excited! Before they bought the salon there was a hair salon in the front, so mommy and daddy took that out and brought in clothing and jewelery to make it a boutique as well. Here are some photos of the finished product from mommy and daddy's hard work over the last month...make sure to check out the new hardwood floors...daddy did them with some help of papa "d"' and friends. Thanks everyone!

Can anyone say Chritmas Card?

While out in the dunes mommy and daddy thought not only appropriate but perfect to take photos for our next christmas card (hopefully by now you all have received yours), here are a couple of those shots. I had so much fun getting to take all these photos with mommy and daddy because once again they let me climb on top of the car...hee hee! I also got to take a really fun photo shoot with PAPA "D", Oma and Cuz Makenna...check us out, such model potential. lol :-)

Sunset Photo Shoot!

As you can tell in some of the earlier photos, the sunsets this trip were undeniable. So one night after my nap, mommy and I woke up to everyone in the camp gone, so we jumped in the rhino and headed toward the aqueduct, I wasn't sure what we were up to, but I didn't care because I love love love to ride in the rhino. Then suddenly we stopped and mommy decided it was time for in inpromptu photo shoot. She said the sky was just too pretty to not capture, whatever that means, I was just excited to climb around the rhino!

Out & About in the Dunes ;-)

The title pretty much says it all...check out how much fun we all are having! Gotta love the dunes man!

Offroading...Me vs. Daddy!

We all know how daddy likes to go fast fast fast, and believe me so do I, but my fast is a little bit different than daddy's fast (as mommy likes to say) and so it goes for our offroading too....just take a look ;-)