Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy's and their kiddos!

After the awards we all headed back to our campsite where daddy and big Jeff took me ane fallon on dirt bike rides! I had so much fun that I didn't want to get off the bike with daddy when it was over, so mommy took me out in the rhino! I love love love to offroad so much that mommy is constantly calling me a mini trav, not sure what that means, but if it's anything like being just like my daddy I will take it! Vroom Vroom!

Speech Speech!

Mommy made sure to take lots of photos of daddy and papa d accepting the award for class 1 champions so that I could look at them later since I fell asleep. Mommy said that both daddy and papa d thanked many people, but most importantly their families, especially me! Maybe next year I will be able to go up on stage with daddy, you never know right?

We are the Champions!

Because the class 1 car for ChaseMotorsports won the M.O.R.E championship Daddy and Papa D took the whole team to Barstow for the awards banquet. It was so fun because I got to hang out with my cuz Makenna, who I haven't seen in a long time, and I got to goof around with daddy and uncle Jamie. I tried really hard to stay awake so I could see Daddy and Papa D give their acceptance speeches, but I was just so darn tired from playing and trying to steal Daddy's hat! No worries though Makenna and I both succeeded in getting our daddy's hat, we are so funny!

A sunset stroll!

After having so much fun with our friends on Sunday morning we talked Gramps and Grammie into going for a walk on the strand in the afternoon. You see I just can't get enough of the ocean and all the birdies, I think it is so fun to look at and I just can't wait until summer when mommy and daddy will let me go in. Well after our walk it started to get dark and the sunset was amazing (mommy's words), so of course she got out her camera. I just liked getting to run around in front of GG Be and GGrand-dad's house.

Any Brunch with that Champagne?

While daddy was out in Parker Az prerunning for his upcoming race, mommy thought it would be good for us to head down to Grammie and Gramps for the night. We went down on Saturday night, had a scrumptious meal and then headed to bed. The next morning I begged mommy to call Linnea and see if we can have a playdate, and guess what? we got ready and headed down to Baleen on the wharf in Redondo, where we met up with Linnea, Ash and Erin. Not only was I so excited to get to hang with all of them, but Nina and Makenna were working too, double the fun! Linnea and I had so much fun looking at the boats, playing with Handy Manny tools, sharing breakfast, and eating ice cream cones. I think all the mommies and adults had fun too, because they kept enjoying something called...Champagne...

Princesses & Paint

Since it was Fallons birthday one of the things she really really wanted to do was to meet the Disney princesses, so we did, and boy o boy were they pretty! Although I have to admit that I had way more fun afterward because at the end of the princess meet and greet you can play with toys and have your face painted. Mommy wouldn't let me paint my face but Balin and Fallon did and they looked amazing. Fallon was a princess and Balin was a PIRATE. The coolest pirate ever that is! I loved his face paint so much that I kept chasing him around and laughing hysterically. Mommy said that I was laughing so hard that I actually fell down a couple of times! Then we got to go over to toon town where I met some of my favorite characters, Goofy and Pluto! What a great day!

Happy Birthday Duchess Fallon!

At the beginning of the month mommy, grammie, Oma and I got to meet up with Fallon, Balin and his mommy at Disneyland! It waw Fallon's first time at Disneyland and it also happened to be her birthday too! We started in California Adventure and then headed over to the main park where we got to have lunch at the Blue Bayou! On our way to lunch we ran into Mary Poppins and just had to stop and meet her, in fact Fallon even got her autograph (so neato). Lunch was so cool because it was inside the Pirate's of the Carribean and because we got to sing Happy Birthday to miss Fallon! After lunch we went on all kinds of rides and I must say that Dumbo was definitely my favorite this time! I love love love to go up and down and all around!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Dinner!

I have really been practicing on my table manners, so mommy & daddy were so happy to see that I wanted to sit in my high chair at christmas dinner! Of course they had to bribe me with Christmas toys, my stacking cups and super duper yummy dinner...but at least it worked (wink wink). Not only did I love the food, but Grammie put these neato toys on the table that represented the 12 days of Christmas, and then we all got our own paper crowns too! Mine was green! I wonder what color I will get next year? Thanks Grammie and Gramps for a wonderful Christmas...I love you! PS. Gramps....what are those lobsters doing on your ears? So silly!

My new Play house!

I am the luckiest boy in the world, for Christmas I got to super coolio playhouses! 1 from Oma and Papa to keep at my house and 1 from Grammie and Gramps to keep at their house! Check me out getting to play in my new playhouse for the first time! And it even has it's own door bell and phone!