Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My very own cake!

Once we got home from our day at the beach mommy and daddy surprised me with my very own Valentines Day Cake...I am the luckiest boy in the whole world! Thanks mommy & daddy I love you very much too! XXOO

Love Day Part Duex!

After such an amazing day on Sunday we all woke up on Monday equally excited to see what mommy's day had in store for us! And we definitely were not disappointed, since it started with mommy making a super scrumptious breakfast for daddy and I and then loading up the car with their bikes and my trailer. Mommy packed us a cooler full of goodies and told daddy annd I to load up so we could start our adventure. Once on the freeway mommy gave daddy a couple clues as to where we were heading and guess what? daddy figured it out! We were headed to Marina Del Rey where we were going to jump on our bikes and ride to Venice Beach. Daddy was so happy because he had never been there and mommy told me I would totally love all the sights and sounds! AND SHE WAS RIGHT! We all had so much fun, first on the bike ride, then walking around Venice Beach and then off to a yummy yummy lunch at a really fun Cantina! When it was all said and done daddy and I both told mommy we can't wait to go back and mommy said her too! Thanks mommy for another super amazing day! You and Daddy are so clever :)

Happy Love Day!

Since this past valentines day landed on a 3 day weekend, mommy & daddy decided that each of them would plan a surprise family day for all of us to celebrate. Daddy took Sunday and boy oh boy did we have an absolute blast. First daddy loaded up the jeep with all kinds of picnic goodies then told mommy and me to jump in because we were headed to Gorman to do a little 4 wheelin'. Mommy was super excited because she had never been to Gorman and I was excited, well let's face it, anything that has to do with offroading I love love love! After doing a couple of trails in Gorman daddy said that he had planned for us to have a fun picnic lunch by this super cool creek, so off we went, and wowza did I have so much fun! We got to hike around the creek, and daddy even let me feel the chilly water. Mommy said I was so funny because I kept trying to run right into the water and daddy had to keep catching me...oops:) After doing a couple more trails, and some 4x4 courses we headed home where daddy made us some super yummy steaks and veggies! Thanks Daddy for an amazing Valentines Day, mommy & I loved it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shredding the Gnar Video!

Shredding the Gnar!

Can you believe this balance for a 18 month old...professional...enough said! PS> OBSESSED!

Gramps Birthday and Mammoth!

At the end of last month mommy & daddy were super duper excited to go to Mammoth for my gramps birthday! They knew it was going to be a special weekend, because I was going to get to play in the snow for the first time since I was 6 months old and they just couldn't wait o see my reaction! And I sure didn't let them down, because once I got my first taste of running around in the snow I couldn't get enough of it. In fact mommy said that when it was time to go inside I just sat by the front door until it was time to go out again. Thank goodness for my auntie Lauren and cuz Axton because they actually came over one day and took me sledding while mommy, daddy, gramps and grammie all went skiing. Don't worry though because mommy & daddy came home early to watch me too! Then that night I got to hang out with Axton again when everyone else went out to dinner for gramps birthday..mommy said it was super yummy, especially the cake!

oh moto moto...vroom!

Last month mommy & daddy took me to so see Supercross in Anaheim because not only is daddy a huge fan, but I love love love it too! And boy o boy did we have the most killer seats! We had the best view of a triple and we were just to the right of where all the cool riders lined up their bikes before the race. In fact we were so close to the riders that one of them threw up their goggles to me after a heat race, and Mike Metzger waved to me! Wow, I hope mommy & daddy realize that I really need to go to every super cross race from here on out! LOL! hope I get to ride that fast one day :)