Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ring Around The Rosie

a pocket full of posies
ashes ashes
we all fall
so much fun!

Spring has Sprung & BBq's have Begun!

Last night mommy and daddy decided that since it was so so so nice out that it was time to have all the families over for a well overdue bbq (their words not mine), I was just excited because 6 of my kiddo buddies were heading over and we all were going to eat cheeseburgers! yummy! Mommy said that because I was so excited to see my friends she let me get them all little easter goody bags, and guess what? I got to pick out a few goodies for me and makenna too! (you're gonna love it kenna). When everyone got to our house the adults had fun talking and bbqing and us kiddos had so much fun running around the grass, playing ball, climbing on my playground and even playing ring around the rosie! Hanging out with Balin, Fallon, Brookie, Clarissa, Sadie & Shelby is always so much fun! Thanks for coming over guys! & hopefully next bbq we will all get to meet Clarissa's new baby bro who is due any day now! Yay for more boys :)

Hopping into Spring with the Easter Bunny!

On Sunday Grammie, Mommy & I took a walk to the MB mall where not only did I get a super duper yummy yogurt parfeit, but I got to see the EASTER BUNNY, and whoa nelly was I a major fan! Grammie had to pick me up because I kept trying to run to see him and give him lots of high fives! I even got a chance to play a little bit in his bunny area, and as you can tell I thought it was pretty cool that the Easter Bunny had his own special Easter Eggs! Thanks Grammie and Mommy for such a fun day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unloading at the Race Shope!

On Monday night after getting back from Barstow, daddy had to go down to the race shop to unload all the offroad goodies and I got to help! And boy oh boy am I glad that I did because not only did I get to see Papa D unload a buggy with a fork lift, I got to use my favorite took (the jack), I also got to ride in all the buggies, go up on an elevator lift with daddy, and even try on some work gloves just in case I really need to get dirty next time! Who knew race shops could be so much fun...just kidding! only every boy, guy & man I know! (I wonder if mommy knows how much fun they are..hmmm?)

Race Time/ Play Time?

During racetime Makenna and I bided our time by playing ring around the rosy in the pits, and cheering for everyone as they raced by! After the race Makenna and I decided to celebrate uncle Jamies finish by crawling under one of the race cars over and over again. We thought we were so so funny, and guess what? so did everyone else :)

Balls Out 250 Barstow Race

This past weekend mommy and daddy had planned on staying home until they were reminded that Uncle Jamie was racing the 1600 in the Balls out 250 at Barstow on Saturday. So I, being super duper lucky, got to head out to Barstow with Oma the day before and play with my cuz Makenna! The next morning mommy and daddy met up with me and just in time for the start of the race. As soon as they got there I was so excited because daddy asked if I wanted to jump in the rhino and go set up a pit...duh OF COURSE I WANT TO!!! I had so much fun riding on mommy's lap, helping the boys set up the easy up at the pit, rooting for the cars as they raced by, picking flowers, and working on the rhino! Being outdoors is soo funnn!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You can't pinch me!

Yay for another holiday! This St. Patty's Day I was so excited because I not only got a yummy breakfast and goodies from mommy & daddy in the morning, but I also got to get all dressed up in my green and spend the day with my buddies Brookie B and lan~dog! But of course I begged mommy to do a photo shoot of me before we left...(wink wink) Hope everyone had as fun of a Patty's day that I did!

Mammoth Mammoth Mammoth!

What more can I say other than....I LOVE MAMMOTH!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

jumping beans!

Kenna, Me & Snow!

I think we all know by now how much I absokutely love the outdoors, well pair that with it snowing outside and hanging out with my cuz Kenna and we go stir crazy just begging to go "out out Peeeaaasss!". To bide our time Oma let us jump on the futon, but then it was just too much and we hung out at the window with hopeful eyes! Mommy thought we looked so cute with the piles of snow in the background that she just couldn't help taking some photos!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

jose beast and friends!

The other night mommy & daddy were really craving Joselitos in Montrose so they called up our friends Chris and Steph and we met up for dinner! I love when we get to hang out with Chris and Steph because Stephanie makes me laugh so super duper hard! Mommy said that Stephanie and I were being so funny that she just had to get out her camera and snap a few photos. She said the funniest part of it though was that I became obsessed with the camera and started posing and trying to take a few pix of my self! Just check out some of my model poses...so hysterical!