Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ryder, There's Your Egg :)


The Hunt Is On...for eggs that is!

After we opened our Easter Baskets, it was time to get ready for the super fun Easter Egg Hunt. Mommy & Daddy were super excited for me to participate this year, because I love to find things. And boy did I not disappoint them. I was so into hunting for Easter Eggs, that even after I filled my basket, I took a few of my own eggs out and hid them again, only to find them again. Who would have thought? Mommy & Daddy thought I was such riot!

Look what the Bunny Brought Us!

The Easter Bunny came, Makenna and I saw, and we conquered those baskets! Thanks Easter Bunny!

Flying Kites & Dyeing Eggs!

As you can tell from our gear, it was a little chilly out in Dove Springs this Easter, but that meant we had some pretty good wind going too! So guess what? Mommy got out our kites from GAM and Gramps and we had a blast flying them higher and higher. Mommy even let me hold the rope by myself once, but only for a minute, cuz she was scared I would get carried away. She is so silly! Afterwards, Oma got all of our easter egg dye ready so we could decorate eggs for the bunny to hide the next day. I know what you are thinking....Boy that sounds like a fun day, and YOU ARE RIGHT! :)

Dove Springs Easter 400!

Let The Painting Begin! Oma thought it would be super duper fun to have all the daddy's and kiddo paint up some toy wooden cars and have an Easter 400 race! And she was sooooo riggghhhtt. We had such a good time not only painting the cars, but racing them the next day. My friend Fallon even got silly with the paint and painted an easter egg on her daddys cheek. SHe is sooo funnyyyy!!!

Me & Kenna!

Me & My Bestie!

Please Daddy Go Now!

Just getting ready! As you all know I am sort of an offroad fan (wonder where I get that from), anyways mommy and daddy had me hang out in the trailer while daddy got all the rides ready. Hope you enjoy me trying on all my gear, as much as I enjoyed our trail ride!

Dove Springs Baby!

Over Easter Weekend we made our second annual Dove Springs Camping trip with a bunch of our friends and family! I was so excited to get to go in a "buggy" again, not to mention my favorite RHINO! Here I am just goofing around with mommy & daddy!