Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bye Bye & Thank You

Until Next Time...

Fishie Fishies

obsession much? I know I know, could I get any closer to the glass? Mommy said that I was so excited to see all the fish that I just kept running from window to window to get a better view. And guess what? They even fed the fishies right in front of my window so I got to see like millions of fishies go crazy! It was so awesome! Thanks Grandpa Dude!

Is the Submarine here yet?

Waiting and playing! After our scrumptious picnic everyone surprised me with a funfilled submarine ride (like I said I am kinda in a major fishie stage). So here is a couple of photos of us waiting for the yellow submarine :)

Picnic's & Sand Oh My!

At the end of our golf cart tour Grammie and Mommy picked out an awesome spot on the beach to have a picnic! And wowza did Grammie and Grandpa Dude pack a mega picnic! They even brought me a couple of special goodies, but as you can tell it was hard to wrangle me in to eat from playing with all the sand. I just couldn't get enough! I just kept cracking myself up by throwing the sand in the air and watching it fall. Good thing daddy eventually side tracked me by letting me put my tootsie rolls in the water (feet).

I see Land...

We're Here We're Here! Once on Catalina island Grandpa Dude thought it would be super duper fun to rent a golf cart and explore the island. And boy am I glad he did because it was so so so much fun! We got to go up all kinds of big hills and we even got to see where the new zip line ride is on the island! Maybe next time Grandpa Dude will let me drive? I'm am definitely going to practice for next year :0

Catalina Or Bust

For Mommy & Grammies big Mother's Day Daddy and Grandpa Dude thought it would be a major treat to take everyone to Catalina for the day. Not only do Mommy and Grammie love Catalina, but I am in a major fishie stage and kinda pushed for it too :) And can you believe that we got to ride a boat all the way there? It was so fun getting to be out on the ocean and watch the harbor as we pulled in! Mommy said that I couldn't get enough of looking out, so daddy had to hold me in his lap the whole time and point out all kinds of fun things. Thanks daddy!

I've Got My Dodger Blue!

Do you?

Whoa Nelly Giddy Up

yippeeee! Every couple weeks Mommy and Daddy get together with Balin and Fallon's mommy and daddy for a backyard BBQ. This time it was at their house and I got to play with all the cool stuff they had in their backyard, like Balin's awesome john deere tractor! We had so much fun driving all over the backyard, and then of course mommy let us cool of with a yummy in my tummy drumstick! MMMMM.....

Puuhhhllleeeaaasseee Park Mommy?

A fun filled Park day with Miss Suzi's zoo PLUS MOMMY!!! Mommy tells me all the time just how much she misses me during the day and how she wants to be able to play with me during the day too, so I thought it would be perfect to meet up with my friends and Miss Suzi at the park on mommy's day off. That way she could see me romping around with my buddies and get to see her buddy too! And wowza was I right, because we had so so so much fun! I hope we can do this again and again!

Linnea & Me

Baby Reef is on the Way! This month I got to see one of my best girlie friends Linnea again at a super fun baby shower for baby on the way Reef! Linnea and I had so much fun rocking out on our microphones and running around in the backyard. Thanks Lindsey for inviting mommy and me to your shower, we can't wait to meet baby Reef. Guess we will just have to come to Hawaii to see him (please please please mommy and daddy can we?)