Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday Dinner with Ome!

As you all know I share my birthday with a super special person, My OME!!! so on our birthday, even though Ome was super jet lagged (not sure what that means, I think tired?, but daddy used it) from flying home from Europe we all went out to dinner to our fave local joint, Ernies taco house. And guess what? Somehow Rodulpho, our waiter, knew it was our birthday because he brought us both our own ice cream sundaes with candles on them! It was so cool, especially since my favorite thing to do is sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles! And afterwards Ome even let me open up a birthday present and it was a construction tool set!!!! I love it so much that even now you will find me walking around the house in my helmet! Thanks Ome and Papa!

It's My Birthday!

I'm officially 2 everyone! Can you believe it? I ask because my mommy and daddy said that they couldn't believe it (so funny!) Anyways, on the morning of my big day both mommy and daddy came into my room and we all sang "happy birthday to Ryder", it was so so so much fun! Then they led me into the kitchen where there were balloons and goodies from friends and family! I was so enthralled with the balloons, that mommy was worried I might not ever get ready for day care! She was almost right....until I got my big present, the fact that I am going to be a big brother soon! WOWZA! Mommy is going to have another baby and I am so so so excited! I am going to be the bestest big brother in the whole entire world. So not only am I whopping 2 years old today (July 1st), but I am going to be a big bro too! Happy birthday to me!

Just Beachin' It!


Red Rock Canyon Hiking!

On the 4th day mommy and Stephanie were itching to get some hiking done in Red Rock Canyon, and since Auntie Kari had told them about a kid friendly trail, they were even more gun ho, so off we went. We set out around 10 am and had so so so much fun! Mommy even surprised us and gave me and Makenna both our own bag so that we could collect rocks, wild flowers, sticks, pretty much anything we wanted to, and she said we were going to do an art project with them later! It was so much fun getting to do a lot of the hike by ourselves, but whenever Makenna or I needed a break we got to ride on Mommy's shoulders or Stephanies backpack! We saw all kinds of neat things, like dragon flies, lizards, rocks, caves, cave drawings, and a spring. By the end we were so pooped but mommy packed a yummy lunch for all of us to enjoy at the end of the trail!

Shark Reef Baby!

On the third day Steph and Mommy thought it would be super special to take Makenna and I to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and thank goodness they did because I am in a mega mega fishie stage and I just couldn't get enough! It was so cool getting to see all the fishies up so close, especially the sting rays, jelly fish, and sharks! Mommy said that I was so into the aquarium that it was hard to get me to the next exhibit, because I loved all of them so much. She said I kept asking "where the fishie go?" "hi sharks" "more please"....I hope that mommy takes me to lots of aquariums around the world, because I sure do love them!!!

Play Play Play All Day!

On the second day mommy and Steph let me and Makenna play around in the backyard and pool, until they decided it was time to go explore a local park with a water zone! So off we went, and it was so neato mosquito! There was water fountains everywhere you could run through, and when we needed a break from the water we got to play in the playground. My favorite was the swings and the see saw! I hope we can go back again sometime!

Vegas Vacation!

This month because Uncle Jamie and Auntie Kari were headed to Havasupai Falls, mommy and Stephanie took me up to Vegas to be with cuz Makenna! When we first got there I had been cooped up in the car for so long that I immediately begged mommy to let me get in the pool, and because I had been so good I got to jump right in (with some help of course). Makenna and I were so excited to get in the pool that we definitely did not have enough time to grab our bathing suits :) After mommy and Steph decided we had burned off enough energy and needed to be rejuvenated we got dressed and headed to Chuck-E Cheese! Can you believe it? We sure are the luckiest kiddos in the whole world :)

Hope For Firefighters!

This month daddy and muir chase competed in a special event called Hope For Firefighters and even though I didn't get to go, mommy said that daddy and the team did so so good! After looking at all the pictures of the cool events, like wearing firefighter suits and the bucket brigade, I made daddy promise to make mommy bring me next year! Heck maybe if I get big enough next year I can be a member of Team Muir Chase!?!