Friday, August 27, 2010

2 Lil Monkey's

Jumping all around, at the park and in the bath! After lunch Gramps came to the park to see if what we were all up to and walk home with us! It was so fun to see Gramps running around chasing after us, I'm thinking he might have had just as much fun as we did!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pollywog Park with Grammie!

Boy o Boy can we go and go! The next day Grammie called and really wanted mommy to bring us down and play in Manhattan Beach. When we got down there, Grammie thought it would be fun to hit Pollywog Park for some playtime and picnic time....and guess what! SHE WAS RIGHT!!! Makenna and I had so much fun, running around with mommy and Grammie, playing on the slides, riding the froggies and balancing on the see saw!

A Movie & Stars :)

A movie at the park, what more could you ask for? After Kidspace we all went home and had good naps, but mommy had a surprise for us when we woke up...she said we were going to go watch a movie in the park with daddy and a bunch of our friends. Makenna and I were so excited that we helped mommy pack up the car and get all our warm clothes out for the night. And when daddy got home from work we grabbed some yummy sandwiches on the way to Montrose Park, where we met up with Clarissa and her family and Auntie Shawna too! I have to admit the playing around before the movie was my favorite part, especially when we all started to race and play chase! I wonder if mommy was trying to wear us out before settling in for the movie, Planet 51! I hope we get to try this again next year, it was so cool!

Creek Baby Creek!

Splish Splash we are having a blast! For the piece de resistance....THE CREEK! At Kidspace they have this really fun creek you can walk in, splash and explore! And to make it even more fun, I begged mommy to let me invite my friend Clarissa to play, and guess what? SHE CAME TOO! We all had so much fun getting wet and goofing around!

Water Drums Bikes and Slides!

just check out our outdoor fun! (my favorite part!) Outside I couldn't wait to show Makenna the cool water drums, slides and creek we can play in! I have to admit that I pretty much the best water drum player in the whole entire world, and I know it's true because that's what my mommy says :) ANd just check out miss Makenna and her mad skills on the big girl tricycle! yee haw!

Kidspace Kudos!

All Kinds of indoor fun for the chitlens!~This summer auntie Kari and Uncle Jamie went to Saint Thomas for vacation and while they were gone, they let cuz Makenna stay at our house! I was so excited to share all the fun places I like to go and run amok with her, so of course Mommy let me take her to one of my favorites first....Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. And just look at the fun we had climbing, painting, uncovering dinosaurs and that was only inside!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gpa Chase and his 80th!

mijares, mariachis, and margies (virgin that is)...Wowie Wow Wow Wow did we have so much fun celebrating Great Grandpa Chase and his 80th birthday! There was dancing, meeting cousins, fun speeches, a slide show or memories and a whole lot of yummy food! Happy Birthday GGrandpa Chase, WE LOVE YOU!!

Jeff & Mindy wedding shower

going to the chapel and we're gonna get married! I can't believe how fast time flies (or so mommy says) it was just yesterday we were in Pismo and cuz Jeff asked Mindy to marry him, and fast forward to a year later we are having a mega celebration in Omi's backyard. I have to say I had so much fun partying with everyone, especially since I became pretty much obsessed with taking pictures in the huge cutout hula people. Mommy and Daddy said that I just could not get enough, I kept saying "My turn, Cheese!"

Pool Party Phoenix Style!

babies babies and more babies! While in Phoenix my friend Claire's mommy and daddy hosted a huge mega fun pool party so that we could see all our mommy and daddy's old college buddies and some of their new babies! And guess what, not only were there new babies, but I got to spend some time with my buddy Blaire too (we were born only a few weeks a part). I have to say, my favorite part of the bbq was getting to swim with mommy and daddy and dunking that heavy basketball! I hope we can come back every summer!