Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just when you thought we'd done it all...

I was having so much fun on the ponies that mommy thought it was definitely time to head over to the petting zoo so I could play with some different animals, and would you know it that they had a chicken/rooster you could pet? I was so excited to pet the chicken that I completely ignored all the other animals, that is until he needed a break (said the farmer) and I then tackled the goats. I thought it was so cool that you could even brush the animals if you wanted to, I was having so much fun that I even thanked the farmer for letting me pet the animals! After the pettting zoo, mommy said that I could run off just a little bit more energy so she let me and my buddies climb the giant haystack and ride the choo choo train...SO MUCH FUN!!!

So much more to explore!

Last time we went to the pumpkin patch we had to skip the hayride because of the weather, but this time we were all over it! After mommy let me play in the pumpkins, we met up with my buddies Brookie B and Landog, and I'm thinking they were just as excited as me to ride on the big tractor hayride. It was so cool to be up so high because we got to see all the sunflowers, crops and pumpkin patches really really well! I really wanted to go again, but mommy said next time since there was a whole school waiting to go on after us....I guess I will just have to bed her again (wink wink) At least right after the hayride we went to an even better ride....THE PONIES!!! Giddy up and Yee haws were my favorite sayings for the rest of the day!


begging mommy can certainly pay off! Last week I woke up almost everyday asking mommy to take me back to the pumpkin patch "pumpkin patch please today?". And because I know that mommy is a sucker for the pumpkin patch and me, I knew it was only a matter of time, and guess what? WE WENT! Can you tell from the photos I was pretty excited to get to the pumpkins again? I was running around, trying to pick out the perfect pumpkins of mommy, daddy and me, and eventually settled on 3 perfect mini pumpkins! I could carry them the easiest :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ryder The Mad Hatter!

Which hat did I choose? MONSTERS!!!

Disneyland Halloween Time!

Pumpkins Pumpkins and Mickey Mouse pumpkins!

It's Race Time!

Gearing up and Lining Up...

Powder Puff 2010

Save 2nd Base peeps!

Part Two!

Tractors Slides Hay Mazes and Smiles

Pumpkin Patch Party!

Watch out now, too much fun is about to happen!