Friday, November 5, 2010

Passing Out To Passing OUt!

Once Ome and Papa D picked us up we headed down to Montrose to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Chase. We thought it would be fun to park a few houses down and trick or treat up to their house, and boy were we right, but little did I know the extra fun was just about to happen! When we got to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house I became so infatuated (big word for me) with all the candy that Grandma was passing out that I decided it was time for me to take over. So everytime the doorbell rang I would run and get the door for Great Grandma, say hi to all the kiddos and give them candy. Mommy and Daddy said it was the funniest thing ever! (especially since I was kinda on a sugar high!) As soon as it seemed like I was starting to wind down, we all loaded up again to go and visit GG and Aunt Nancy! But wouldn't you know it I went from passing out candy to ready to pass out! Luckily I stayed awake long enough to show them my costume, but then I was ready for jammies and snuggies. Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween too!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween & Thank U! (my three favorite things to say all night!) This Halloween was so amazing because I was old enough to walk up to the houses and say Trick or Treat all by myself (with mommy and daddy next to me of course). We started the night off by meeting up with my friend Clarissa and her family. Clarissa was Cinderella and her cousin was a spooky skeleton. Since Clarissa is now our neighbor, mommy daddy and I walked to her house and cruised our neighborhoods! we had so much fun trick or treating, but mommy said that you could tell we were starting to wind down, so she called Ome and Papa D and they came to pick us up and go visit my great grandparents!

Happy Pumpkin Day!

On Halloween Day Mommy, Daddy and I hung around the house and just relaxed. We carved pumpkins, played chase in the front yard and baked goodies. It was the perfect way to gear up for all the trick or treating I was about to do that night! watch out now la crescenta Lightning McQueen is ready to hit the streets with his race car candy bag!

Last year Mommy, Daddy, Grammie and Grandpa Dude took me to Disneyland for some special trick or treating and had so so so much fun, so this year we decided to grab the whole gang and do it up again! Boy am I glad that we did because I got to show Makenna how much fun Disneyland can be at Halloween, like all the costumes, trick or treat stations, live bands, characters running around and no lines for the rides!

Me and Makenna!

Just before Halloween my cuz Makenna came down to spend some time with us and we had so much fun. On the first day mommy took us to the park and we could not get enough of the slides and racing eachother. Mommy said that we were there for almost 3 hours because we just kept going and going and just when she thought we were done, we made some friends and starting racing around the park with them too!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Animals!!!

Animals Animals and More Animals!!!! They were spectacular! I have to say I definitely had a few favorites though, from the Cheetah, to the sea otters and river otters, to the bald eagle! The cheetah was so cool because I got to sit in a jeep and watch him run around, the otters were so interactive and one kept giving me high fives, and the bald eagle actually flew right over us! I really hope I get to go back to the Portland Zoo!!! Thanks Grammie and Grandpa Dude!

Portland Zoo Bound

On the day that we were all supposed to fly out Grammie and Grandpa Dude thought it would be really fun to hit the local Portland Zoo during the day since our flights weren't until later afternoon, and boy oh boy did they make the right decision! As we all know I am a mega super fan of any zoo but I am a super mega ultimate fan of the PORTLAND ZOO! It was so amazing inside with tons of play areas for kiddos like me, great exhibits for the animals, interactive walkways, and a cool key pass so we could learn more about certain animals ( I was in charge of the magic key of course) Here are a couple of pix of us cruising around!

Leaves Leaves and More Leaves!

Just helping Auntie Ivy rack up her leaves....and LOVING IT!!!

Downown Cruising & Induction Ceremony!

On the day of Great Grandad's induction ceremony mommy, Ivy, Grammie, Aunt Lauren, Axton and I rode the Max into dowtown Portland and thought that it would be fun to cruise around, and boy were we right! I have to admit that my favorite part was walking the riverwalk with Grammie, there was so much to look at and I really really really like collecting all the acorns I could find! After getting to ride the Max (choo choo train as I like to call it) I decided I thought it would be best (wink wink) if Auntie Ivy and I stayed home while mommy went to the ceremony with Grammie and Grandpa Dude. Mommy thought that was so smart of me, but promised to share all the pics that she took, and here are some of those pictures! Congratulations Great Grandad! xxoo