Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smiles for Miles Baby!

Mint 400 2011

After mommy and Becker were cleared from the Dr. we all decided to head up to Vegas with daddy to support him and Papa at the Mint 400. This was baby Becker's first camping trip and I think we can say....super successful! Although the race cars scared him a little, he love love loved being with all the other kiddos and meeting new friends. And seriously Ryder was in hog heaven. What more could a boy ask for...dirt, racing, family, friends and fun! And eventhough daddy's race didn't turn out the way he wanted we all had a rip roaring good time!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Another Paper Mache Day!

When Gam came up last month she brought with her the supplies to make Paper Mache Easter Eggs, so thanks to some paste, balloons and newspaper our front yard has some super colorful Easter Egg decor! The only thing is I am still trying to figure out who had more fun, her or Ryder. lol!

Happy Birthday Great Grandma Chase!

Last month mommy and daddy got their first night out without the kiddos thanks to Great Grandma Chase's birthday and Grammie and Grandpa Dude for babysitting! & boy was it needed!

Another Fabu Photo Shoot!

With Becker coming up on 2 months it seemed only right to celebrate with some cute photos of both of the boys! Enjoy

BTW...Becker has doubled in size despite being sick in the hospital with RSV and a high fever 2 weeks in a row and now weighs 12 lbs and is 21" long! He definitely caught up to his brother Ryder at this stage who was approx 13 lbs...holy moly we have some healthy fabulous chubby bubbies! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Becker's First St. Patricks Day

I couldn't ask for any cuter 2 lil leprechauns!!!! Such a lucky mommy (no pun inteded)! we started our fun filled day with shamrock pancakes, filled the middle with lucky cupcakes, and finished our day at the end of the rainbow!!! xxoo

An Amazingly Awesome Aquarium!

It's no secret that Ryder loves all the animals of the sea, so when daddy and mommy were looking for a surprise excursion over the weekend we couldn't think of anything more fun than the Aquarium of the Pacific! And we sure were spot on! Ryder was running around like a chicken with his head cut off with outright excitement for every single exhibit, and Becker was alert and taking all the sights and sounds in! We were such fans of the aquarium that mommy got a season pass, so we can enjoy it all year round! YAHOO!!!! Ps. Ryder absolutely loved the bat rays, because they kept trying to jump out of the water at him...hillarious!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do U Igloo?

because I do! Grammie and Grandpa Dude told us all about a super cool igloo up on the mountain and we decided we just had to check it out, plus it didnt hurt that to get there we got to take the gondola! When we got there Ryder was so excited we could barely get him home afterward! So mega fun!

Just a Boy and His Sled!

watch out ricky racer coming through! Gotta love him so much!