Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brotherly love!

Best Buddies and Brothers! Melts mommy's heart!

Happy Memorial Day!

While daddy and Ry~man were boating it up! Mommy and baby becker baked up some yummy rice crispy star treats and wore our festive outfits! lol!

Cruising with Cousins!

On Memorial day daddy took me out with kenna girl, baby wyatt, uncle jamie, auntie kari, and papa and ome on the boat to cruise around Castaic lake! Baby Becker and mommy stayed back because becker baby was a tad bit under the weather! TOo bad because we had so much fun going fast and checking out all the other boats :)

Butt Jammies!

When Makenna and Ryder were born WTG got them the cutest butt jammies ever and we had the cutest photos of them as babies. So this time around Grammie got the same jammies for baby Wyatt and baby Becker, and of course mommy couldn't resist recreating another photo moment! so stinky cute!

Baptism and BBQ!!!

After baby Wyatts beautiful baptism, where he was a true angel, we headed back to Ome and Papa D's house for a bbq celebrations!

Baby Wyatt's Big Day (Part One)

Baby Wyatt was christened on May 29, 2011 at Gesthemane Lutheran Church in La Crescenta Ca 91214 at 10am

Not only was this day super special for my cousin Wyatt, but mommy and daddy couldn't stop talking about how they were so honored to be Wyatt Chase Richey's godparents!

It's Flag Season!

With Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day just around the corner mommy really wanted to make flags with baby Becker and I with an idea she got from Miss Suzi! If you can't tell my fabulous feet make up the flags stripes finished off with my hand prints, and baby becker's feet are the stars! Mommy loved it so much she actually has now made about 10 of them....a little crazy mommy! just kidding. xxoo

Baby Becker!

Love him so much!!!!!!!!!

Lovely Laughlin!

On the last day we were all packed up and ready to head back to California when Grammie thought it would be nice to break up the 7 hour drive home with a pit stop in Laughlin! So Grandpa Dude called up Harrahs in laughlin and had a room waiting for us when we drove in that afternoon. It was so nice to be able to stretch our legs, have room service, play on the beach and take a water taxi! Thanks Grandpa Dude and good idea Grammie!