Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Becker Baby's Baptism!

We certainly had a busy weekend at the end of June with a back to back celebration! First we started the weekend with a crazy birthday party, and then we ended it with a beautiful baptism for baby Becker! Thank you to all our friends and family that were able to share such a big moment in Becker's life with us! And a special thank you to his amazing godparents, Uncle Marky, Auntie Kari & Uncle Jamie we are so blessed that you have accepted taking such a big role in Becker's life!

Yippee He's Three!

Happy Happy Birthday Party! Splish Splash we had a blast on a wonderful sunny Saturday! June 25th was a great day to have a birthday party and our big boy had an absolute blast! All his friends were there, splash zones were in full force, snow cone machines were whizzing and food was in abundance! Happy birthday buddy mommy & daddy love you! xxoo

Party in Parker with Daddy!

Do you Jump Jump Jumperoo?

I do!

Stopping to smell the daisies!

Couldn't resist taking pix of these cuties on a beautiful day! Ryder, Phoenix and Chloe always have so much fun together and they love exploring the flowers in our front yard :)


Brothers, Buddies, Bonded!

I love love love these baby boys!

I kinda like this view!

Im only 4 months old and I am a mover and a shaker (or so mommy says)! Apparently she thinks I can't wait for anything and that me sitting up, or trying to so early only proves her point! Can I tell you a secret....SHE's RIGHT!!! stay tuned for my walking and talking. :)

Our little Fishy!

So it seems that our little man Ryder and Fish have more in common then the fact that he likes to catch them like every single day. In fact Ryder is quite the little fishy in the water too! Here are a couple of pix from his first swimming lessons of the season! In the beginning Ryder was a little weary of going under water alone, but by the end of his 2 week stint he could swim from the instructor to the pool steps all by himself. Sure it was just a foot or two, but he was so confident and proud of himself and he never ever wanted to be done! He love love loves the water and we love love love him!

Gotta Getaway!

My first beach house getaway and boy am I hooked! Not only did mommy and daddy let me stick my tootsie rolls in the sand, but my big brother ryder showed me how many cool things you can find in the sand. Did you know that you could find sea shells, mega awesome rocks, and even seaweed in the sand, at least those are just some of the things ryder found! He is the best explorer ever! I can't wait to go back to the beach house, and maybe next time mommy and daddy will let me stick my tootsie rolls in the water :)

Playdates with Phoenix!

While Miss Suzi was out of town mommy got to watch a bunch of my friends for the month of June! My buddy Phoenix was here the most and we had so much fun running around, riding bicycles, coloring and exploring my super duper fun backyard! We espeically loved it when mommy would race us on the scooters with Becker on her lap, and somehow we always beat!

June Gloom Says Who?

We love spending time with Grammie and Grandpa Dude, especially at the beach! Ryder just runs for hours and hours and he love love loves watching the waves and hearing grandpa dudes surfing secrets!