Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Backyard Fun!

After our big day exploring Sacramento mommy thought that I could use some downtime just playing around GAM's backyard. So she let me bring out my new walker and set me loose in the backyard. I had so much fun crawling around, chasing the doggy and playing with the flowers. I even found a fun looking stick that I would hit against the ground and make music that I would dance to...mommy definitely thought this was hillarious!

The Ferry Boats

After the train museum mommy took me for a walk along the boardwalk through old town Sacramento to go see the ferry boats. I couldn't believe how different they looked from all other boats I've seen before like sail boats and cruise boats, these had huge wheels on the back, that mommy said help the boats move. The only thing that I thought was cooler than the boats was the bumpity bumping my stroller did over the boardwalk, I thought it was so funny that I laughed and made silly noises the whole time!

The Train Museum

On Friday grammie, grand-dude, uncle Mark and GAM all went white water kayaking, so mommy and me decided to venture out and find Old Town Sacramento...where we discovered the TRAIN MUSEUM. The train museum was so so big and had humongous trains everywhere. I loved walking around the trains and through them, however my absolute favorite part of the museum was the automatic toy train display. There were 4 different trains on different tracks and you could press the button to make them go. You could even press certain buttons to adjust the lighting inside the display, and one of the trains even had a camera on the end so you could see it going through the tunnels!!!!

Hangin' with Hunter

After Lunch at the fun Mexican restaurant we drove to Hunter's house just up the road in Rocklin. Right away I thought his house was super cool because there was a bridge and fountain in the front yard. Once we went inside Hunter was just waking up from his nap and I got to strart playing with him. He showed me all his fun toys and was really good at sharing. My favorite toy at Hunters house was definitely the slide and climbing wall gym. I can't wait for mommy to put mine up in the back yard when I get home.

Welcome to Sac Town!

On Wednesday of last week mommy & me flew up to Sacramento to spend some time with Great Aunt ME! I was so amped up to fly solo mission with mommy because during take off she surprised me with my very own french fries! Thanks mommy and then once we were in Sacramento I was just so happy to see GAM! The whole weekend was full of surprises because once we got to GAMS house I got to see all the cool toys she had waiting for me and then all of a sudden my Grammie, Grand-dude and Uncle Mark showed up. Mommy didn't tell me that they were driving up to meet us! WOW! It was definitely hard to go to sleep that night, but once I did it was worth it because everyone had a big day planned in the morning. Once I woke up I was told that I was going to get to see my buddy Hunter and his mommy Tiana, but first I got to go out to lunch with my Grammie and Uncle Mark :-) The restaurant was so so cool! There were glass balloons everywhere, and Grammie let me walk all around saying hi to all the other customers!

Swim Lessons for Baby!

For the past 2 weeks mommy and I have been going to the CV pool for mommy & me swim class! I love it so much that eachtime we get to the pool I can't wait to jump in the water ( mommy is a little less excited to jump in the cold water...so funny). In class I learned how to jump off the edge of the pool, blow bubbles and kick kick kick! Here are a couple of pix mommy took of me anxiously waiting to get in the water!

Music @ the Zoo

A couple weeks ago my mommy, my friend brookie, her mommy & me all went to special event at the LA ZOO. The zoo hosts a world music event twice a year and this year mommy and brookies mommy thought us kiddos would really enjoy it, and boy o boy did we! We got to see some of the animals at night (especially the howler monkeys), listen to some super cool music and try some new foods. I really liked the sate chicken and mommy really liked the asian beer (go figure). Next year I hope that both grandmas will join us too!

Pool Day Mondays!

My good friend Stephanie is so nice to me that she even lets me come swimming at her house on Mondays. Last Monday my girlie friend Clarissa was over and I couldn't wait to take her swimming at Stephanies house. I love to swim there because she keeps the hot tub cool so that it is a perfect size for babies, plus she has really fun rafts and blow up animals for the big pool. I think Clarissa liked swimming as much as I do...that is until she decided to take a lil nap! SO FUNNY! Before we went to Stephanies house though my mommy made us eat our big boy and big girl lunch! I was so excited because mommy let us eat at my new picnic table...YEAH!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wrapping up the Festivities!

After the party mommy & daddy packed me up along with our friends and drove back down to the beach house to wrap up the bday party festivities. What at great way to end such an amazing 1st birthday. Being at the beach was especially fun theis time because I got to go in the water with daddy! He thought I was so funny how I kept pointing at the ocean to go deeper, especially when I saw the dolphins out there. I wonder if I will ever get to pet one, mommy said maybe only at Sea World, but I bet if I ask my Grand-dude he will take me out on his surf board...shhh don't tell mommy!

Let there be Cake!

As the party started to wind down, it was time for (my favorite part) CAKE! Makenna and I each got our own special birthday cake, and everyone else got to share one huge humongous cake! Makenna had a really pretty girlie cake, and I had a super cool Thomas the Train cake. After Makenna and I huffed and puffed to get the coolest candles our ever, we got to eat it all up! Makenna had fun just diving in and eating the insides, where I loved the icing and kept scooping it all up on my thomas the train figurine. By the end I was covered in major blue icing and Makenna was painted pink...we looked so funny, but it was definitely worth it, YUMMY! Go figure that I crashed in the car on the way home :-D