Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

My first Memorial Day and it was FABULOUS! Mommy and I woke up at Grammie and Gramps and quickly packed up all our goodies, because we were headed home to see Daddy! Daddy even surprised us when we got home and made us brunch. He even made me my very own special baby ok eggs (only the yolk that is) and let me have some guacamole and bacon. I definitely felt like a big boy! Thanks Dad! Ps...this is my new smarty pants way to drink from a sippy all by myself, pretty clever huh? (wink wink)

Sunday Brunch on the Water

On Sunday morning I woke up and guess what? Mommy was there, apparently she came home after I was already in bed...what a great surprise. I was so excited to see her, that I asked if we could get together with my girlie friend Linnea and her mommy again. Mommy said that we were already meeting up with Linnea and friends at Baleen again for brunch on the water...YEAH! When we got there I was all smiles because we really were on the water and Linnea and I got to look at all the little fishy fishies...

Chase Motorsports Rides Again

On Saturday while I stayed with Grammie for the day mommy and Gramps went out to Lucerne to see Daddy race the class 1 car. Mommy said she had a lot of fun watching all the boys get prepped, hanging with friends from AZ and spending time with Makenna. I hope I get to go to the next race because I really like seeing the cars go fast and hanging with Kenna.

Relaxing at Baleen

After Linnea and I changed our clothes and took mini naps our mommy's took us out to Baleen where their friend Nina works. We had so much fun climbing around on the big fluffy couches and getting to meet some new friends. Thanks Nina for letting Linnea and I turn your restaurant into a play yard...wink wink!

Memorial Weekend With Linnea

This Memorial Day Weekend Mommy and I headed to the Beach to see Grammie and Gramps. While there we went ot lunch with Linnea and her mommy down at Sashi where mommy's friend Erin works. I love going to Sashi because after I eat all my soy beans (yummy by the way) mommy lets me go play in the kids fountain. This time I got to show Linnea how much fun it is and she really liked it too! We both got so so wet that the mommies had to change our clothes...oopsie daisy@

Brookie B & Me in Disneyland

Last week my mommy and Brookie Bea's mommy took us to Disneyland for a few hours. They thought it would be nice to get us out of the house in between nap time, and boy o boy am I glad they did bc we had so much fun. At first we both got a little scared on Pirates of the Carribean, but then the mommies toned it down and we could not get enough of The Pooh Bear ride and It's a Small World. I loved It's a Small World so much that I practically tried to crawl out of the boat to get to all the fun colors. I can't wait to go back again soon, I hope cuz Makenna and I can go next.

Me & Great Grandpa Chase

Last week for mommy's birthday we all went out to dinner with Great Grandma/pa Chase and Great Grandma Buyer! I love them all so much because they always make me laugh, & this time Great Grandpa Chase was on FIRE!!! He kept trying to eat my little tootsie rolls (feet) and I couldn't get enough! I hope I get to see him again soon :-)

I'm Gonna Get YOU!

I am constantly on the go, and constantly discovering new ways to get around. I have to admit my favorite way to get around is to scale along the walls in the house, and usually I like to get from wall to wall using my push tractor, but when I can't find my helper I have learned to army crawl across the floor. Mommy thinks it is so funny to watch, that she even set the camera up so that I crawled to it. Check out both these videos! ENJOY!

Mommy's Craft Day

My mommy and auntie Kari invited over Manders and the babies to come over and play with me and Makenna while they had a craft day! I had so much fun getting to see how big the twinsies are getting, and of course always the best time hanging with my best bud Kenna Kenna!

Yummy Yummy in My Tummy!

I just love to try new foods, especially when I can pick them up and feed them to myself. I really like blueberries (more so when they are in pancakes...don't tell mommy), and last week daddy let me try some bacon and eggs! I think that I have found another new favorite, is there such a thing as having too many favorites? Ps. Did I mention how much I like Watermelon...just thought I would add that :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me and my Tupperware

I love being in the kitchen with mommy and I am so mobile now, that in order to keep me contained mommy has given me my own drawer in the kitchen. She filled it with all kinds of tupperware and fun doo~dads. I love to take as many things out of the drawer that I can and then bang them together really loud. I get to excited when I make loud noises that I usually clap for myself in between :-) I even like the actual drawer because I can pull myself up to standing on it...

Lunch with Clarissa

Wow! Has it been a while since I have had a play date with my girlie friend Clarissa, so my mommy and her mommy figured it was about time! Last week we all met up for lunch at Joselito's down in Montrose and afterward Clarissa got to come over to my house and I showed her all my fun toys. She really liked my new ball pit, I think so much that her mommy is gonna get her one too! Yeah, then I can over there and play with her toys too! Maybe I will get to see her again next week.