Sunday, August 30, 2009

Denver Colorado Getaway!

Last weekend mommy and daddy took a little getaway to Denver Colorado to continue their anniversary celebration. Daddy surprised mommy with a super fancy and historic hotel, where he had flowers already set up in the room. They told me although I didn't get to join them this time, I would definitely get to go next time. Daddy told me they did all kinds of really cool things like, go to Boulder and watch an outdoor concert, hike the red rocks ampitheatre, go alpine sledding in Morrison county, tour the Coors brewery in Golden Colorado, and spend time with some really good friends from college. Mommy said I would have really enjoyed how many fun parks and water activities there were in Colorado and now she really wants to plan a family vacation for next summer, I can't WAIT!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy & Daddy's 3rd Anniversary!

On August 19th it was mommy and daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary so they asked my aunt Nancy and Uncle Mark to watch me for the night while they celebrated. Daddy thought that mommy hadn't planned anything for the night, but little did daddy know that mommy had planned a super fun dinner and her and I were keeping the secret from him. I thought it was so fun helping mommy plan the surprise from daddy, I just hope that next time I can try the yummy restaurant too! When mommy and daddy got home the next day they showed me the pictures from their dinner and how much fun they had. I missed them so much but I know that mommies and daddies need time as adults too...:-(

New Friends in Tarzana

After my auntie Ivy left to head back to Oregon, mommy could tell that I was pretty bummed out so she thought it would be fun for me to meet some new friends. So last Thursday we drove out to Tarzana to meet mommy's friend from junior high and high school, Stephanie and her girlfriend Gailynn. I had so much fun exploring their house, playing with their doggie ( a mini dachsund) and listening to them tell funny stories. I really really hope mommy takes me back there to visit again soon.


After our fun trip to Sea World we were so lucky to get to stay the night at the beach house and visit with friends. The next morning we woke up and of course I begged daddy to take me for a ride in my bike trailer and then it was off to WTG's house for a super fun BBQ! WTGrandma invited all of us kiddos, along with our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. It was so nice to see everyone and it was especially fun because WTgrandma let us feed the chickens. Did you know that they like to eat corn just like me? SO COOL! My favorite part of the night was getting to hang out with my best girlie friend, hunting for chickens with OMA, and spending time with my auntie Ivy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ahoy Sea World!

On Saturday morning auntie Ivy, mommy, daddy and me drove down to the beach house where we said "Adios" to daddy and we all headed to Sea World!!!! I love Sea World because I love to look at all the whales, dolphins and other sea animals. This time I was especially mesmerized by the Orca whales, you know SHAMU! I loved going into this one cave and getting to watch the whales swim under water. It was so cool that it was hard for auntie Ives and mommy to get me outta there :-) By the end of the day I was so wiped out that I didn't even realize that I had missed the penguins...good thing mommy has a season pass so I can see them next time !

Biker Dude!

After we got back home with Ivy, we waited for daddy to get home so that we could all go and grab some grub. But when daddy got home he said that he had a surprise for me...and voila it was a new bike trailer so that I can go biking with daddy. Daddy put me in the trailer right away and I was hooked. I kept wanting daddy to go again and again up and down the hill so that I could keep hitching a ride. I even begged daddy to put the trailer in the car so that I could go for a ride the next day down at the beach house! SUCCESS!!!

Twins in Orange and Red!

On Friday morning my auntie Ivy flew in from Oregon to spend some time with me (her god-son) and my mommy and daddy! As soon as we picked up auntie Ivy we drove straight down to Manhattan Beach to visit with Grammie and go to lunch. Mommy really wnated to go to the restaurant Old Venice, because she said Grammie and Grand-dude used to take her there when she was a little kid. I really liked eating there, especially becuase I got to try tsome Greek salad and totally discovered I really really liked it! I also really liked hanging out with Auntie Ivy today because she was wearing the color Orange just like me and we looked just like twinsies with our equally cool red hair! So funny!

Babies, Backyard & BBQ!

Last Wednesday I decided that it had been just way too long since I had gotten to see all my girlie friends, so I asked mommy and daddy if I could host a backyard afternoon bbq. Mommy and daddy of course said yes, so I immediately got all my coolest toys together in the backyard and waited patiently for my girlie friends and their parents to come over! I was so excited to show all my friends my new play gym and new adirondack chairs made special for kiddos my size. I had so much fun playing with all of my friends and I think mommy and daddy had just as much fun hanging with the other mommies and daddies :-)

Our Lil Monkey Boy!

The other day mommy set me up with some snackies and my picnic table, little did she know that all I saw was a new way to play! I have found this new fun way to play and that is to climb on EVERYTHING that I can! I mean what else did mommy think I was gonna do with that super cool picnic table, eat like a good lil boy, heck know that was like 2 weeks ago :-) So when mommy came to check up on me this is what she found...and guess what, she said that just a couple days later she saw me trying to use the picnic table as a steppins stool to the counter....ha ha ha I am so sneaky!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walking and Eating All by myself!

These last couple of weeks I have really been working on doing all kinds of new big boy things! I can now say up to 12 words ( mommy is working on getting a video), I can pretty much eat all by myself (check out how messy I get) and I am now a bonafide walker! I even like to take my new pet doggy for walks around the house!

Oma's Blow up Slide!

Oma has so mnay fun toys and gadgets! One of my new favorites is the blow up jumper and slide! I was so overly anxious each time that it was actually hard for mommy to get a good video!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Charge! Dodgers!

On Sunday Daddy & Mommy took me, Grammie and Gramps to go see the Dodgers play the Atlanta Braves and we got to sit right behind home plate! I loved being able to sing and cheer loud enough for the team to hear me! But once again my favorite part of the game was getting to do the wave with daddy! It is so much fun to see the whole stadium wave their arms up in the air! My second favorite part of the game was getting to eat all the yummy food! Gramps not only got me a super special Dodger Dog, but I also got to eat some frozen lemonade. Mommy says I can't make a habit out of the lemonade though, because it was just a special treat since it was so hot outside! Thanks Gramps! YUMMY YUMMY! PS.....Gramps also makes a super cozy place to nap....ZZZZZZZZZ!

Watch out Star Cafe!

On Thursday WTG & Aunt Barb came to town to visit all us babies, Oma & great grandma Buyer! So of course we all decided to go to lunch, that is all 4 babies and 7 adults, I don't think Star Cafe knew what hit them! Clarissa and I definitely had a hard time staying in our seats in such a new and exciting enviornment, and of course the twinsies were on their perfect behavior (show offs!). To help keep Clarissa and I entertained during lunch auntie Manders gave us a fun ride in her super cool double stroller! I had so much fun playing in it that I keep asking mommy to get me one, but she keeps saying something about waiting another year or so! Whatever that means? I hope auntie manders comes over again soon so we can take her stroller for a ride again....please auntie manders? I also want to send a shout out to Great Grandma Buyer for a super awesome kissy fight! I can't wait to see you again, thanks GG!