Thursday, June 10, 2010

Resevoir hiking in flip flops

here we come

Mammoth Memorial Weekend with Fishing!

Fishing in the Snow

Birthday Brunch R Us!

Thanks to Ash and Erin! Cheers to lorraine

Clarissa & Chuckie Cheese!

One of my bestest buds in the whole world Clarissa turned 2 this month and we all got to celebrate by going to Chuck E Cheese! It was so much fun, because not only did we get to sing with Chuck-E, we got to play all kinds of games and eat pizza too!

Mommy's Bday Breakfast with the FAM!

Some cuz fun on a fun birthday! On mommy's birthday this year Ome and Papa took us all out to breakfast to celebrate. Im not sure but I think mommy had the most fun watching Makenna and I be super duper silly! That is until the restaurant brought out an icecream for mommy cuz it was her bday! Don't worry though, I definitely got my fair share. Thanks mommy :)