Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From Play Shopping Cart to the Real thing!

At home I love love love to cruise around with my handy dandy shopping cart. With it I can go anywhere, the sky is the limit, or as mommy and daddy would say I into EVERYTHING! I love walking behind it so much that last week when Grandma Sandy and mommy were shopping they let me push the big boy shopping cart...Check me out man!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Slinky and Me

At some of the dinners on the ship, Makenna and I had to find a few clever ways to entertain ourselves. One night I truly enjoyed a slinky and gramps and on another day Makenna found a fun new way to chew her food! She is soooo funny!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black & White & Sad Allover!

At the end of the trip mommy remembered that she had a really cool setting on her camera and decided to take advantage of the scenery in the Forge. I think she took some really pretty photos, and daddy likes her photos too! However, after the Forge we were headed back to port in Whittier which was where we got off the boat forever :-( Little did I know that the ride to the airport was just as beautiful and fun, even if it was like 6 am....mommy couldn't believe how much energy I had that early in the morning, but how could I sleep when there was so much to see. I really liked it when we went through this huge tunnel over a railroad track! But I was so sad when we got on the plane because that meant bye bye trip...then SURPRISE mommy and daddy surprised me by flying 1st class...ooh la la! Makenna and I loved sitting in 1st class because we could walk around and we had room to play with our toys! It was a great ending to a great VACATION! Thanks Grandma Sandy and Grandpa "D"!

Dinner, Fun & Glaciers!

The last few days we all spent as much time as we could taking in all the beautiful sights and having fun together. We took a kitchen tour on the boat (where I got 3...count them 3 balloons ), we ate at a fancy steak house, we had another formal night, and Makenna and I enjoyed looking out the windows at all the great scenery! Not to mention that the dinners were all super fun because Grandma Sandy always had new toys and goodies for Makenna and I if we were good...you know we were :-D

Glacier Bay Oh My!

Like I said before I loved looking at all the new sights in Glacier Bay, from waterfalls, to ice bergs, to glaciers and calfing (when ice breaks off a glacier...daddy taught me that). Daddy even caught on tape an amazing moment when the Glacier calved, and so did Uncle Jamie...I hope that I will get to share those moments with all of you soon :-)

Me and My Balcony!

I loved loved loved my balcony! I loved pointing at all the neat new things going by...in fact most of the time mommy and daddy would let me take my toys out there (with supervision) and play for as long as I want. My favorite time spent on the balcony was definitely during Glacier Bay, just check out the enormous waterfall inside a glacier I got to see, plus all the other coolio stuff!

Ska Ska Ska Skagway Baby!

After Juneau we went even further up the coast for our last on shore port to Skagway Alaska, a majorly small town that used to be known for its gold and mining, but now is home to tourism. I have to admit that Skagway was one of my favorite towns because I loved going on a mini hike with my grammie and mommy after lunch ( Skagway Brewing Co. of course), over the river and past the little airport where I got to watch the helicopters take off! Oopsie...I also like how a big choo choo train went right thru town...kinda cool if you ask me!

Juneau What?

Ha Ha...get my funny title? On the 3rd Day we headed up the coast to Juneau Alaska where everyone got a lot of good shopping and eating in. The eatery of choice, of course, being THE RED DOG SALOON. The red dog saloon was hysterical because there were all kinds of super funny signs on the wall, and a really goofy piano player, who kept making really weird faces at me! After spending the first half of the day in town, mommy took me back to the ship for a nap, while she, daddy and gramps went ZIP LINING! I hope one day I am old enough to join them, because they said it was one of the coolest things they have done!

Catchin up in Ketchikan!

While both grandparents and daddies went fishing for SALMON, auntie Kari, cuz Makenna, me and mommy went sight seeing in Ketchikan! It was super chilly so both mommies made sure that us adorable babies were super duper snuggie warm! While out and about we got to see all kinds of neato things, but I have to say my super favorite was the SEA PLANES! I think that I could watch those all day long! PS...I even got to meet a real live LUMBERJACK...wow! They do exist!